Retape or Repaint? The Best Option When You Need to Save Time


All facilities need touching up as time passes, but when you’re trying to minimize downtime and maximize production, do you have any options besides repainting? Line painting often requires facilities to close for up to 72 hours for application and drying—even longer if the floors must be scraped and prepped first.

Here’s the good news if you need to save time: Tape is an effective alternative for providing visual cues in industrial facilities, and application is quick and simple.

The Application Process

While line painting often requires facility closures that temporarily halt production for a few days, floor marking tape can be applied quickly. That means crucial parts of your facility can be back up and running in a matter of hours instead of days.

Floor marking tape is durable and long-lasting—and has the benefit of being far easier to replace and redo than paint. It can be used to:

  • Designate traffic paths (especially in areas that are in flux)
  • Label space for tool and machinery storage
  • Create color-coding systems
  • Quickly mark workflow changes and instructions
  • Reinforce other signage, graphics and text
  • Meet OSHA compliance

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Reduced Prep Work

Replacing and redoing painted lines requires that floors be scraped and prepped beforehand, which takes much longer than removing tape. That means that tape can be peeled away and replaced in a fraction of the time when traffic lanes, work areas, processes or storage spaces change.

  • Clean removal means less floor scraping
  • No residue means less scrubbing and floor prep
  • Remove and update small sections or entire areas
  • Simplifies testing and changing new procedures

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Create a Safer, More Visual Workspace

Because floor marking tape can be easily adjusted and updated, it’s often the better option for workspaces where traffic patterns or methods change regularly. It can be used to clarify traffic restrictions, label industrial processes or alert employees to new or temporary procedures. The visual cues should be easy to understand at a glance, whether for a new hire or a long-term employee. Short, concise messages and graphics contribute to a safer location.

Improve Efficiency and Production

As your industrial facility changes, visual cues must be updated and adjusted, too. Painted floor markings require more time to prep, apply and dry, so why pause production for days when you could apply durable floor marking tape in a matter of hours?

Tape makes it easy to quickly update floor markings and keep production moving. Contact A&K Painting to learn more about using floor marking tape in your industrial facility.