Save Your Industrial Equipment: It’s Time to Repaint and Recoat


A well-run industrial facility follows a strict maintenance schedule and emphasizes routine safety measures. They don’t have to halt production because of unusually high rates of equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, and they have a proven strategy for storing finished products, unassembled parts, chemicals and unused equipment. So, what do these highly efficient industrial facilities all have in common?

Repainted equipment and structures.

Don’t Replace Equipment—Repaint It.

If you’ve noticed a pattern of numerous repair or replacement orders for equipment used at your industrial facility, you’ve got a problem. The time and money you’re sinking into repairing and replacing this equipment are eating away at your profit margin and slowing down production. How can you break the pattern?

Creating a routine maintenance schedule is a great way to head off repairs and replacements before they’re ever needed. And the most important piece of maintenance you can do for your equipment is repainting or recoating it when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Don’t wait until you have an actual problem—be proactive and repaint and recoat your equipment regularly to keep your industrial facility running smoothly.

The Benefits of Repainting and Recoating

Repainted and recoated industrial equipment lasts longer than its counterparts. Going that extra step to keep problems at bay can help you spend less time on repairs and replacements, saving you money in the long run.

That fresh coat of paint does more than make your industrial equipment look like new again. It protects against harmful rust and corrosion, which can cause malfunctions and breakdowns you’ll have to pause production to rectify. It could even result in costly safety issues, or require you to go through the lengthy process of ordering and installing expensive new specialty equipment.

Lastly, that piece of equipment you’ve written off as unsalvageable might get another breath of life out of a fresh paint job. Provided its usability and safety haven’t been compromised by rust or corrosion, it could be good as new again and save you money on purchasing and installing replacement parts.

Take the Next Step and Hire Professionals to Help

Now is the time to take new measures to maintain and upgrade your industrial facility. If you’re noticing signs of wear and tear, rust, or corrosion on your equipment, or if your storage equipment has seen better days, the next logical step to save yourself time and money could be repainting and recoating.

Bring in a team of professionals to assess your equipment and determine if repainting or recoating is right for your facility. In most cases, maintaining your industrial equipment in this way can cut down on repair and replacement costs, which is a huge positive when it comes to manufacturing and production. In addition to keeping your numbers up, it can also keep your facility looking clean, safe, and state of the art for your industry.

A&K Painting can help you protect your investment with repainting and recoating, whether it’s industrial equipment or storage structures. The benefits of working with the pros at A&K Painting include:

  • Scheduling to meet your needs
  • Cleaning, preparation, and painting of manufacturing machinery and assembly line equipment
  • Application expertise with heavy-duty paints and coatings
  • Increased equipment lifespan to protect your ROI
  • Identification and corrosion control that protects your investments
  • Specialty coatings for special material substrates

Please reach out to A&K Painting for more information about how you can protect and extend the lifespan of the equipment at your industrial facility with repainting and recoating.