So What Exactly is a Commercial Painter?

Commercial painting projects require specific knowledge and experience that only professional commercial painting contractors can bring to the table. Those contractors generally work with a seasoned team of painters and support staff and have access to the specialized equipment required to handle large-scale projects at commercial facilities.

The 7 Benefits of Working With a Commercial Painting Contractor

Working with a commercial painting contractor should always be the priority when you’re about to undertake a new project at your facility. An experienced contractor will supply a team that’s fully prepared to handle the specialized tasks you require. Some of the benefits of working with such a team are:

Knowledge and Experience

Established commercial painting contractors are going to have extensive experience and established relationships with a range of suppliers. That ensures you’ll get the best result for the best price. They’ll also be able to provide thorough consultations on specific products and services while taking your facility’s architectural style, surroundings and use into consideration. They’ll also provide a higher quality finished product that lasts.

State-of-the-Art Equipment, Tools and Products

Your commercial painting contractor will have access to the specialized equipment, tools and products required to complete commercial projects efficiently. They’ll likely bring in paint sprayers (and experienced operators), as well as scaffolding, platforms, lifts, and other equipment.

Refined Processes

Because your commercial painting contractor is an experienced professional, you can expect them to act professionally at every point of the process. They’ll follow a methodical approach, including preparation, clean-up and disposal, to deliver high-quality results and minimal disruptions to the operation of your facility. If your project spans multiple sites, you can expect consistent levels of service, quality, project management and pricing.

Efficient Use of Money and Time

Because commercial painting contractors have established relationships with local & national suppliers and the experience to work efficiently, they’ll often be able to provide you with a project timeline and budget allocation summary before they even get started. Even if you’re crunched for time, you can trust them not to skimp on quality.


Completing a project at your commercial facility might seem like a big ask if you don’t want to disrupt your normal business hours. That’s why many commercial painting contractors offer flexible hours, such as working nights and weekends. Working on the project during your business’s off hours ensures it still gets done without disrupting your employees or customers.

The A&K Bonus: Relationships, Resources, Technology

Along with the previous 6 benefits of working with commercial painting contractors, A&K also provides 3 unique benefits:

  • Relationships: A&K Painting builds strong relationships with customers. This relationship driven approach is what allows us to be so successful for customers. These relationships also benefit our customers. Having a dedicated commercial paint contractor allows our clients to call on their paint contractor whenever they need them.
  • Refined Processes: Working with a larger organization that has been refining its processes for over 25 years gives you access to that experience. We have spent years building a system that always delivers for our customers.
  • Technology: A&K Painting has made a strong investment in technology with the sole purpose of providing a better customer experience. A&K painting has built a proprietary software called JobNet.  JobNet gives you project insights you don’t get with any other contractor.

Commercial Painting Contractors Can Do More Than Paint

Taking on a commercial painting project often requires more than just painting, and the right contractor will have the knowledge and experience necessary to address those extra needs. For example, A&K Painting Company can help you with all of the following:

This versatility is a huge benefit for anyone who might be looking to complete a commercial project. It means less time hunting down someone else to complete the job and streamlines the entire process. If your current commercial painting contractor doesn’t fit the bill, it might to time to look for someone who does.