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The Pace of Business is On the Rise


Business challenges we all face when responding to change.

Research by Progress Software/Economist Intelligence research showed some interesting statistics regarding the shifting business landscape around us.  The statistics show that the pace of business is the on the rise, and the top three factors causing this change over the past five years are the volatile economic environment, increased competition and a fast-changing regulatory environment. Unfortunately, businesses have barriers to overcome to react to the fast pace, including lack of resources, lack of coordination and inaccurate or incomplete data. Take a look at their infographic.

Most importantly, an overwhelming 53% of people believe leadership is ineffective in making the right decisions about how or when to respond to change.  Fortunately, we can all overcome these challenges by incorporating strong leadership, effective flow of information and keeping accurate and up-to-date data.

The Greenest Building and Building Reuse

Since there has been an increase in environmental awareness across the country, it’s fascinating to see how many varying viewpoints there are on how to improve the environment and reduce energy usage. One study, by Preservation Green Lab, funded in part by National Trust for Historic Preservation, focused on reductions in climate change by reusing…Continue Reading

Architecture 2030 Issues the ‘2030 Challenge’

Architecture 2030 is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization, which was established in 2012, by architect Edward Mazria, in response to the climate change crisis.  According to the Architecture 2030 website, “Our goal is straightforward:  to achieve a dramatic reduction in the climate-change-causing greenhouse gas emissions of the Building Sector by changing the way buildings…Continue Reading

The Water Fountain Evolves

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, James R. Hagerty reveals a growing trend in water fountain use:  people are carrying reusable water bottles, and instead of drinking from water fountains, they just want to refill their water bottles, but the basic drinking fountain that has been a steady seller for decades isn’t working well…Continue Reading

Green Globes Provides Competition for USGB’s LEED Certification

According to Mary Shanklin, in an Orlando Sentinel article, “The longtime standard for constructing energy-efficient buildings- LEED certification- is no longer the only option in the ‘green’-construction business”.  For the longest time, buildings that have passed the U.S Green Building Council’s rigorous certification have proved to be exceedingly energy efficient and cost effective, but now there…Continue Reading