A&K Painting Co. JobNet™ = Better Service, Better Property Security & Safety for CRE Personnel

At A&K Painting Company, we constantly work to provide our customers with the best service available.  We accomplish our goal in part by keeping our technology current and our project managers, foreman and all employees properly trained and educated in technology, security and safety.  To that end, we’ve created JobNet™, a state of the art Quality Control, cloud based Project Management system.

Our customers have the advantage of receiving better project information that includes relevant updates on where and when we will be in properties for the duration of any project.

JobNet™ keeps all of our CRE professionals’ information current and provides in-depth details about every project.  Our PMs utilize JobNet™ to keep detailed records on each project, which allows for better planning, communication and execution.  Project and customer information include customer preferences, hourly reports of progress for each project, and a detailed schedule for the duration of the project.  The system also keeps a record of each employee that works on a project, including the duration of their time on the site, so that there is complete accountability for each person that comes in contact with a property; this allows for better property security and personnel safety.  The JobNet™ system also keeps details about each product ordered for every project, so there is never any confusion about what is needed.

A&K’s JobNet™ = Industry Leadership, Better Service, Better Property Security and Safety.