A&K Painting Co. Commercial RRP Infographic

Significant changes are ahead for maintenance and up-fit/remodel work on pre-1978 Commercial and Public buildings.  The EPA is working to expand the existing Residential & Child Care – Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule to include Commercial and Public Buildings.

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The expansion of RRP Rules to Commercial and Public buildings will increase owner’s risk and liability, increase costs for maintenance and up-fit work in pre-1978 buildings.  There is no question that we all want to protect our children from the hazards or exposure to lead paint dust.  For Public Building and Commercial Buildings that are not child occupied, the EPA has yet to provide scientific proof that there is a hazard.  This expansion or RRP Rules would impact every building in the United States that was built prior to 1978.  State managed RRP programs, such as those in North Carolina eleven other States will be required to adopt these changes.

As reported in our January 5th blog post announcing the EPA’s comment period and request for comments from interested parties, we are interested in activating building owners and managers, facility managers and contractors to participate by adding their comments either directly or through engaging and participating with their industry association to submit comments.

Your comments are needed.  To help the EPA determine if there is a health hazard in none child occupied commercial buildings when renovation is completed, submit your comments before April 1st, 2013. Learn more and submit your comments to the EPA

Learn more about existing Residential – Child Care related RRP Rules and the expansion of RRP to Commercial & Public Buildings.