Historic South End Silos During Restoration

On October 21, 1852, the first railroad train arrived in Charlotte, which may have been the most important event in the city’s history.  Innovative funding by the business community and townsfolk made the line possible and the railroad train’s arrival spawned an imaginative leadership and innovative movement that contributed to making South End what it is today.
The city is dedicated to maintaining South End’s history, and A&K Painting Company is honored to be a part of that dedication.  We are proud to have completed the restoration project on the Silos that are such a famous landmark in the revitalized South End area. And while the landmarks of the South End are important to maintain and restore, the community also believes it’s imperative to beautify and transform the community into a welcoming place that intertwines nature with design.
The community is trying to accomplish this nature and design collaboration by transforming the existing rail trail, which runs parallel to Lynx Blue Line, into a vibrant public park that allows people to explore all that South End has to offer. There was a meeting held on April 23rd to share this rail trail vision with the community and it had a terrific turnout.  This vision is easy to see, because South End is filled with galleries, restaurants, bars and cafés that will be easily accessible by the rail trail, and if something is a little too far for you to walk, you can check out a wider range of exciting places via the Blue Line.  If you’re more interested in the design aspect of the community, you’re in luck; South End is a hot spot for design.  It is home to 200 design businesses, including showrooms and offices for architects, builders, interior and landscape designers, and graphic and web designers.  So matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone in South End.