How the Right Industrial Painter Benefits Your Facility


A good industrial painting contractor will be able to do more than just paint your industrial facility. Maintaining any industrial space comes with its own challenges and specialized requirements. If you’re in the food and beverage industry, you’ll need to meet USDA and FDA food safety requirements. If you manage a chemical plant, you’ll need extra safety measures and quality control processes. Chose a company that’s experienced with a variety of industries and can help you ensure all of these requirements are being met.

Choosing the right partner can streamline the care and maintenance of your facility, keeping you running smoothly and safely without having to coordinate multiple teams to get the job done.

Which Services Are Most Valuable to You?

Industrial facilities have a range of maintenance needs that must be addressed on a continuous basis so as not to interrupt production. Time is money, which is why a good painting and maintenance partner will keep their work schedule flexible and perform their services at a time that they’ll be minimally disruptive. An industrial painting contractor’s services are going to be most valuable to:

  • Chemical Production Plants and Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants and Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Food and Beverage Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Plants and Facilities

When you’re in the process of narrowing down your ideal maintenance partner, keep their certifications in mind. A company that can provide thorough site inspections and evaluations performed by NACE-certified and MPI-certified staff members will naturally provide a higher level of service.

Plant-Tour Detailing

Attention to detail is a must in industrial facilities. On a large-scale, it ensures the safety of employees and the quality of production. On a smaller scale, attention to detail can make or break the kind of first impression your facility leaves on visitors and important guests.

If you routinely host tours in your facility—or if you’re expecting an important visitor—prepare your tour route with a round of careful detailing. A clean and organized facility is a safe facility.

Structural Steel Maintenance

Replacing rusted or compromised structural steel can be extremely expensive. Regularly inspecting and maintaining it will save you money in the long run. Fading and chalking paint, corrosion and rust, and standing water are all signs of a weakening support system. A site evaluation can determine if your facility is showing any of these warning signs and provide a plan of action to help you rectify the problem.

You can extend the life of your structural steel by stopping damage and corrosion before it starts. The keys are routine inspections, regular maintenance, and preventive measures such as liners and coatings.

Secondary Containment and Spill Prevention

Protect the environment and your investments with secondary containment and spill prevention. Special liners and coatings are EPA-compliant and engineered for specific exposures, helping you to reduce maintenance costs and control corrosion.

Your industrial painting contractor can evaluate and inspect your secondary containment needs and provide custom solutions, including corrosion control, liners for retaining walls and retention pond berms, and slopes and trenches for spill diversion.

High Performance Flooring

A coatings contractor with experience working with industrial facilities should also be able to help with high performance flooring needs.

Your coatings contractor will evaluate your flooring needs and provide options for polished concrete, urethane mortar, or epoxy systems.

Why Choosing the Right Painting Contractor Is a Must

Working with one contractor for all of your facility’s maintenance and upgrade needs simplifies your workload and ensures the work is all completed to the same high standards. Years of experience, staff certifications, and range of services are also important things to consider when making your selection.

Be sure to ask your prospective contractors if they offer:

  • Plant Tour Detailing and Painting
  • Secondary Containment and Spill Prevention
  • Structural Steel Maintenance
  • Industrial Facility Painting and Maintenance
  • 5S Painting and Labeling
  • Rooftop and Structural Steel Painting
  • Corrosion Control and Protective Coatings
  • High-Performance Floor Coatings and Polished Concrete
  • Tanks and Elevated Structures
  • Sandblasting
  • High-Bay Cleaning and Painting
  • Equipment Painting

Still searching for the right painting partner for your industrial facility? Choose one you can trust and rely on to provide all of the high-performance solutions you need to keep your employees safe and the quality of your products high.